Hi kids! I’ve finally got my new blog up and running. Still figuring out how to join my old blog to this one but it made sense to stop the procrastination and just get this one going.

It’s been a busy year so far. Moving from Ann Arbor to a new home in Wyandotte (Michigan) the middle of February was the first of my moving experiences. Then there was getting my Mom moved into a new first floor apartment after 30 years in her old one. Finally I helped (a bit) with my boyfriend’s move to Baltimore.

I LOVE my new home! I turned the living room into my studio and it’s great having my workspace right in my home. No more frozen paint in the winter! Wyandotte (and the surrounding Detroit area) is full of wonderful artists and I’ve been enjoying meeting some of them and making new friends.

Last week I took part in Wyandotte’s street art fair and it was a pretty decent success. It was a lot of work but sales were good and the people were awesome! Below are the first 3 pieces in my new series, “Strange Days”. The idea behind them is that nothing is as it seems even in the “perfect” family. I hope you like them!

Strange Days: Aline I, II & III

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