I never thought I would start with the whole hashtag thing but I’ve finally given in. The reason being Instagram. I’ve been a photographer for years (even have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in it) so I am familiar with cameras. I also enjoy the convenience of shooting photos with my phone and a few years ago played around with Hipstamatic, though I never really got very good at using it. When I started hearing about Instagram I figured it was pretty much the same. Except I LOVE it!

I’m really enjoying shooting images in a square format and the editing options give you enough to play with without offering too many choices (like I encounter with Photoshop and Lightroom). Plus I always have my phone with me and it’s great in dodgey neighborhoods because it’s inconspicuous. The hashtag comes in because if you want people to find your photos you need to tag them. I used the photo sharing site “Flickr” for years and while you tag your photos there, you don’t “hashtag” them so I was able to get away with ignoring it for a while. 🙂

Here are a few of my Instagram shots, I just started using it a week ago so I still have plenty to learn, luckily it’s easy and fun!

Old Keys



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