Art in the time of Corona

I know the title’s cheesy but if you can’t be cheesy when in quarantine…

So during this past month I’ve mostly been alone, save for a couple close friends that have social distanced with me. We even played Frisbee (with disposable gloves on of course.) I joined a dance group and had my women’s circle meetings thanks to Zoom. I’ve taken part in choir practice and yoga class via Facebook. Gotten to know my neighbors a bit better, cleaned up the house and yard really well in preparation for the lovely Spring that keeps trying to take over from winter. I’ve developed a jigsaw puzzle addiction and am eating a lot more carbs. And after all of that I actually let myself start painting again!

For the most part I’ve actually enjoyed my time during the “shelter in place” order. The change of reality has been much appreciated and I’ve learned a few interesting things about myself. I cut almost all my hair off in some kind of freeing/letting go sort of catharsis and I realized I will do quite a lot to avoid doing what makes me most happy. Still trying to work through that one. Having said that, I am looking at the prepped canvases that are waiting to hold my secrets. So I’m going to get to them. Here are two old ones that I finally finished last week. Stay healthy. Life is good.


Easter Tuesday


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